Now that the storm warnings are behind us, it's time to get ready for our rescheduled October event. We've reopened sign-ups so you can check your teams and make changes if you need to.

Please email changes to Fiona at entries@westsideteampenningclub.com

You can enter new teams through the on line sign ups, but changes need to be emailed.

Updated Flyer

For our final event of the year, we'll have a Calcutta for the PAN class. We also have $1,000 added money in both our sorting and penning events! A BIG thank you to Taylor Mountain Ranch and Suzanne Westcott for this generous donation!

We will also be doing a closed bids auction for our quad. Details will be available at the event.

PLEASE DO NOT re-enter teams if you've already entered them for the last show, and there are no corrections. ONLY ENTER TEAMS THAT ARE NEW.

If you have CORRECTIONS to previously entered teams please EMAIL CORRECTIONS to "entries @ westsideteampenningclub .com". Try to be as clear as possible as this could get somewhat confusing for Fiona.

Thank you! See you at the pen!

RESCHEDULED - October 29th - 30th, 2016
Stewart's Arena

Contact   entries@westsideteampenningclub.com   for changes or corrections.

Buckles to   All Classes   ~ Sorting & Penning ~

Sorting - Saturday 8:00am - Penning - Sunday 8:00am

~ Buckles to   All Classes   ~ Sorting & Penning ~

Click Here for Flyer

  • Sorting - 8:00am Start

    • Open
      Green Novice

    • Open - 5 ride limit
      - Pick/Draw
    • AM & NOV - 4 ride limit
      - Pick/Draw

    • Top 50% return -
      must sort to return

    • 1 place per 15 teams
      - 50% payback

  • Penning - 8:00am Start

    • Open Pick/Draw
      Open Limited *
      Amateur Pick/Draw
      Novice Pick/Draw
      Green Novice**

    • Open/Am/Nov: 4 ride limit
      - Pick/Draw

    • * Open Limited: All 3 riders must
          have AM or Nov rating,
          - will run with Open Class

      Green Novice Penning
        - 4-Go Draw
      Green Novice Sorting
        - Pick / Draw



Call-ins Oct 3rd - Oct 7th

To Fiona Conerly 6-8pm
360 749-4475

Email: entries@westsideteampenningclub.com

Please be respectful of the call/text in times of 6pm-8pm.
Also remember that you can send a email at ANY time.

Stall Reservations to Denise Guyton During Call-In Period Only
253-380-7226 / wtpcstalls@hotmail.com

Jackets!     Jackets!     Jackets!

  • Every club member who attends 5 of the 7 events this season qualifies for a WTPC jacket.
  • If you did not get a chance to try on for sizes this past weekend, we will have another chance at the October show.   Please try to remember to come to the office and try them on.   The awards committee did a great job of picking out a really nice jacket!
  • We will be ordering ASAP after the Oct show so they can be here for the banquet on November 19th.   If you qualify, and haven't selected a size and cannot make the Oct show, please let us know.

...And speaking of Banquets

The 2016 Awards Banquet will be held November 19th in Roy, WA at

          The Old General Store Steakhouse & Saloon
          104 McNaught St N
          Roy WA 98580

Upcoming Clinics

Announcing two WTPC sponsored clinics coming Winter of 2017.

  • Team Penning with Roger Braa ~ Feb 10-12
  • Two Man Sorting with Bobbi O'Brien ~ March 25th 26th.

Both at Stewart's Arena in Yelm. Sign ups open October 24th on first come first served basis. Look for flyers at the September/October shows for details.

Sign ups do not open until October 24th at 8 a.m.. Please do not email prior to that date/time. We really want to make sure everyone has equal opportunity, so we are announcing first to get the word out and sign ups open later.

Green Novice Changes for 2016

NOTE: 8:00 am start on both Saturday and Sunday

ALL Open & Amateur entries must be received by 7:30 am
  • Sorting Classes:
    • Open
    • Amateur
    • Pro-Am
    • Novice
    • Green Novice
  • Penning Classes:
    • Open
    • Open Ltd
    • PAN
    • Amateur
    • Novice
    • Green Novice
  • Green Novice Change for 2016:

    • Green Novice Penning: Teams will be drawn with 2 Green Novice riders and 1 Open or Amateur rider for the first 4 events.
      After the first 4 events 3 green novice riders will be drawn per team.
      -- Note: Promoter has the right to make changes due to unforeseen circumstances.

      Green novice riders have the option to pick 1 team and draw 3, or to draw 4 teams.
Sorting Run Order:   Open & Am,   ProAm & Novice,   Green Novice & ProAm

Pre-Registration -- September 5th - September 9th


  • April 2-3
  • May 14-15
  • June 11-12
  • July 9-10
  • August 13-14
  • September 17-18

       October 29-30

  • Year-End Banquet
    November 19th in Roy
    At The Old General Store Steakhouse and Saloon
    104 McNaught St N
    Roy WA 98580

  • Sorting - Saturday       Penning - Sunday


    Click image for full size

    Green Novice - 2016

    • Green Novice: 1st or 2nd year penning or sorting and/or have less than $200 in earnings, have a Rating Committee approval.

    • Green Novice Penning & Sorting: Your name will be drawn 3 or 4 times (see sorting below). Duplicate Green Novice teams will be accepted if drawn that way.

    • Green Novice Penning: Green novice penning will be drawn with 2 green novice riders and 1 open rider for the first 4 events. After the first 4 events 3 green novice riders will be drawn per team.

    • Green Novice Sorting: Change for 2016: Green novice sorting will be two green novice riders, with coaching by an open or amateur rider. Green novice riders have the option to pick 1 team and draw 3, or to draw 4 teams.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance in making the Westside Team Penning Club events a fun time for all and a great success!!


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    • * Ken Hicks & Leslee Singer
         ~ In Honor of All Veterans ~
    • * Mike & Denise Guyton
    • * Bill Grimmett
      * Fred Young
      * Heather Anderson
      * Janelle Lutz
      * Jim Adderson
      * Wayne Cotton

      * South Sound Honda-Polaris
               ~ Olympia
      * South Bound Honda -
               ~ Tacoma

    • * 2016 Board of Directors

    •    * PPS Heating
               & Air Conditioning
    •    * Jeys Saddlery
    •    * Buckaroo Electric, LLC
    •    * Krume Logging Co. LLC